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Car Segment Analysis: SUV Interior Trends. (01/12/2004)

The SUV boom on the European market has led to hard competition within the three classes of the SUV segment (SUV-A to SUV-C). In this report, the segment evolution in the periods 1990 to 1994, 1995 to 1999 and 2000 to 2004 is described. click here
Market Survey: Production Forecast Eastern EU up to 2010. (15/10/2004)

In May 2004, eight new countries joined the European Union (EU-15, or WEU). Their offer to the automotive industry is well-trained operators and engineers at low wages, cheaper land for production sites and duty-free domestic production conditions. click here
Tech Profile: Door Panel Carriers. (15/04/2004)

European passenger car door panel carriers are mostly made of natural fibre boards, accounting for 2/3 of the production volume in 2002. However, plastics carriers are gaining market share, with injection-molded polypropylene or ABS carriers showing the best cost/benefit ratio. click here
Tech Profile: Seamless Passenger Airbags (01/04/2004)

Compared to a separate airbag lid, seamless (integrated) airbag doors reduce the number of parts in assembly and avoid quality problems caused by the need to match colour, gloss and grain of 2 parts that must look the same. click here
Tech Profile: Instrument Panels Cast Skins (15/03/2004)

European cast skin production started around 1980 and was used for upper-class interior skins. The process involved was rotomoulding of soft vinyl powders, which is still today the predominant technology. click here